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What is actually an escort date and how does such a meeting proceed?


In a private escort lady, the gentleman finds a like-minded lover and temporary girlfriend. A truly magical world of independent escort, high class escort or high end escort, courtesans and hetaeras.

The focus is on holistic togetherness, the joy of being in the company of a beautiful and intelligent lady at eye level. The exchange and discovery of charming similarities. The shared experience and especially the pleasure. Of course, also the sharing and living out of erotic preferences of all kinds. And last but not least, the creating of wonderful sweet moments and memories.

In my role as a Berlin escort and temporary mistress, I love and live this exquisite pleasure. That means, I want us to meet at eye level, to be able to enjoy each other and that with all senses. There is no schedule of what happens when and how and with which frequency. The first intense glance, the first sensitive touch, the first togetherness and the first shared laughter will quickly lead to further desires, which are recommended to take their further course behind closed doors.


What about the confidentiality of an escort date?


Just like you, I also have a professional and private life that is worth protecting. And I also prefer a discreet approach to our encounter. Just as you certainly appreciate it. Therefore, all data associated with a booking will be treated confidentially and deleted after our time together.


The question of discretion is not a one-way street. I don't necessarily want to read reviews about our time together in rating forums. What we both have experienced together is individual, just like you. And always a subjective experience. It has little added value for others. Since your personal experience cannot be the same as that of another.

But if you would like to be a part of my sensual and entertaining literature, although anonymously, in the form of a fine erotic story that I publish on my blog, feel free to contact me. My blog posts in this category are tasteful, of course a little kinky, entertaining and always written with a lot of self-mockery ;o)


And again, without your consent or request to write an erotic story about us, of course I won't do it either.

What do you want to know from me in an enquiry?


If you have studied my website, you will already know a lot about me, but I don't know anything about you.


That's why I'm very happy if you tell me a little bit about yourself. Who are you, what do you want, what do you look like, what do you like and what not so much. Just everything you would write to someone you would like to get to know. So that this person can get a first impression of you. You don't have to send me a page-long essay. Just a charming little text, so that I can also get an idea of you.


How far in advance should I send my request?

I am already a big fan of yours if you send me your charming email as soon as possible. And please include all the details that are essential for me, like the place, the time and also the duration for our rendezvous. 

That way I can confirm quickly whether it is suitable for me on that day and in that time frame. On the other hand, we both have a reason to look forward to our time together. And if we go on a trip together, I am even more pleased if I can organise it for us or prepare for it perfectly according to your wishes.

Is there a kind of gentleman you prefer?

Basically, I don't categorically exclude anyone. I am very tolerant and a completely open-minded person.


I do not evaluate anyone on the basis of their status, ethnicity, age, religion, beliefs, physical appearance or physical handicaps. Respectful interaction at eye level is very, very important to me and essential for a good time together.

Independent Escort Berlin
Independent Escort - Escortservice


Why do you need a deposit?


As soon as I travel to you, whether to Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Düsseldorf, Zurich, Stuttgart, Brussels, Geneva etc. as an independent escort and of course also worldwide, or we plan a journey together, costs occur in advance.

Which, as you have surely read, are already included as travel costs in many of my specials or booking arrangements. Nevertheless, I also want to have the secure feeling that our date has a real background. As I am sure you want to as well. Therefore, I reserve the right to a down payment of 10% to 50% (the actual percentage depends on my destination or the special and the associated costs).

Since I, like you, probably also work and will therefore also divide my time accordingly, it would be very annoying if this time were simply wasted. Therefore, it is possible that I could also ask you in my hometown Berlin for at least a symbolic deposit in a discreet form (there are several possibilities for this). Unless it is possible for me to verify in advance whether you have already arrived at the hotel where we have arranged to meet.

For example, by calling me from the hotel phone in your room. Or, if you prefer, I can call you in your hotel room. Please understand that, for example, if I visit you privately, I do not have this possibility and may need this symbolic deposit, gladly in the form of a gift card or something similar that is easy to handle. Of course, also to make sure that it is a serious booking request.



At what moment in the date do you expect the compensation?

I would be pleased if you would hand them over to me in the first 15 minutes of our meeting, without being asked, in an envelope, gift or even in a book.

Please be a gentleman and don't bring me into the uncomfortable situation of having to ask for it. You also have the option, if you prefer, to transfer my fee for our time together in full in advance, so that we can skip this part during our date and concentrate completely on us.



What if the "chemistry" between us is not right?

Since you read a lot about me here and already know me through my social media, and we will certainly exchange ideas before our date, the possibility that we don't like each other at all is relatively low.


In the unlikely event that this does happen, however, we will both certainly find out in the first 10 minutes. And decide by consensus to terminate the date. If this takes place on your part, only the travel or rebooking or return travel costs will be incurred. Full payments made in advance will be refunded minus the costs. If it is not possible to travel back the same day or evening, we would have to agree on an overnight flat rate. Should I wish to cancel our date, there will of course be no further costs for you.



What happens in the event of a cancellation or rebooking on your or my behalf?

As already described here, I will gladly give you alternative dates in case you have to cancel a date. Your deposit or full payment will still be valid.


This also applies to joint trips, if this is possible. Otherwise, we can change a travel date to a regular date in the city of your choice. Any additional costs such as a new booking or rebooking will of course be offset. Any resulting credit can be used for further dates and can be redeemed within six months.

Should I have to cancel our date for reasons that are, if then, only of an emergency nature, you will be refunded your deposit or even prepayment of the entire amount without deductions.

Useful Info

Is that you in the photos and videos ? 

A question that is quite legitimate. Considering the fact that there are of course people in this area of escort services who work with dishonest means. My photos and my videos are real and of course I am real as a person. The woman you meet here and on whose page you are currently reading, you will also meet in  our date together.


Only I am behind this website and also my social media account, no one else. My texts and photos are original. And, as you will have noticed, like all content on this website, they are under copyright. However, there are people who like to use other people's content and pass it off as their own. Primarily to launch dubious business activities under a false flag.


Most of the time, this kind of plagiarism is unmasked quite quickly. Nevertheless, some people don't seem to be able to figure it out, despite the legal consequences.

Therefore, a good tip: If you have any doubts about the integrity of a website, check whether the person in question has social media accounts. And these are really linked on the website. Most independent escorts and agencies have, for example, a blog, a Twitter account, Instagram, or forum entries, which they maintain regularly. Or whether the person is listed in forums and also writes something now and then or is verified on platforms that offer this. 

For my side, I am verified at Tryst and P411, which are two international websites that allow also a verification for the gentleman. You will also find many posts from me, although I must confess to my shame that I don't have much time for this at Escort Dates or MC Escort. I am also a member of the forums.

On the base of my Twitter feed, which is not closed and which I regularly provide with news, you can also get a better picture of me Independent Escort Louisa Lesander. Also of my preference about food porn and bizarre things, landscapes, things I like and my friends ;o).

Reisebegleitung Escort - Travelescort
Escort für Business Events und Reisen

to travel

Oh, how I love to travel. And even more to travel together.


My journey: I like to travel by train, as I can occasionally use longer train journeys for my private work. But in many cases I also like to travel by plane. For shorter flights (within Germany and parts of Europe, e.g. Zurich, London, Barcelona, Paris, or Rome), I don't necessarily need a seat in business class.


For longer flights, or those that are not always direct and in order to arrive at your destination with maximum rest, I prefer business class. This depends, as I said, on the destination and the duration of the trip and we can of course discuss this individually in advance if additional costs arise that are not covered by my included travel package. I always book my trips myself and I am happy to arrange them according to your arrival times or the preferred start of our time together.

Travelling with Independent Escort Louisa 

Wonderful, we spend wonderful days in a great city by the sea in a distant country or very nearby, together. Depending on how long you would like to be in my charming company, I will be happy to accommodate you with my compensation.

For example, if you are involved in work on location and we can only enjoy our time together in the afternoon or evening. Feel free to ask me about this. Conversely, I would be happy if you could give me some private time during longer trips and stays together, so that I can take care of my personal and professional needs.

The thing about sleep. I'm not a morning person at all - on the contrary, for me there's nothing better than starting the day early (not before 6 a.m.; o), preferably with a little "set yourself". That works best if I can really sleep undisturbed for at least six hours during the night. And I also love to fall asleep cuddling in your arms.

But when I can't sleep peacefully and without interruption, especially on longer trips of two days or more, I get quite grumpy, and I write this quite openly and honestly. Which would not be too conducive to our time together. So should you be very night-active, or someone who generally only needs three hours sleep, or have other habits with noise of the next, then please let me know in advance. Whatever it is, we will find a modus vivendi that suits you just as well. And will be ideal for both of us.

Reasons for travel

Sightseeing, sports, events, business meetings or just enjoying ourselves...! As different as your preferred destinations can be, of course, besides my gorgeous travel companion, so can your reasons for travelling.



You are sporty and would like to put yourself under the sporty aspect on our journey together with me as your independent escort. Very much I like to hike and run. I like cycling more mountain bike than racing bike. I like sailing very much and I can also do windsurfing. And I can handle a motorboat. Horse riding, I've neglected that a bit, but am getting back into it quickly. The same goes for golf, but even that, once learned, only requires a little training, which I'll be happy to take up again in advance if I know you'd like to do so.

I can ride a motorbike, but I'm not so fond of riding as a co-driver. I love playing tennis, badminton and volleyball with you. Roller skating and longboarding... I find snorkelling super exciting, but you'd have to teach me how to dive. As well as bow-shooting.

I think I'm out of skydiving and paragliding. I haven't tried it yet but the thought of it is already making me nervous as I write about it

For that, I'm into every kind of workout sport, as well as yoga. And I am a skiing enthusiast. Just as much as I like cross-country skiing or tobogganing.


Our journey together should not only be an exploration of our sensuality? But you also want to stimulate your knowledge and learn more about our holiday destination. You will have the perfect companion in me. Because I am quite well educated when it comes to many places of interest around the world. My affinity with historical places, history and culture has already given me a remarkable fund of facts about interesting historical backgrounds, events and buildings or places. And I'm happy to share this with you or we can explore new things together.

Just enjoy and indulge in the delights:

Good food, excellent wine, wonderful weather, sun, beach and more and the more of a sensual holiday companion and girl friend eroticism.


What could be better than just enjoying and enjoying ourselves. We release ourselves from everyday life and dive into another world. In which we can be, absorb everything, relax, taste, smell, feel, see, hear what our holiday destination offers us ,with all our senses. We inspire body and mind, enjoy each other and live the moment in the here and now. Do crazy things, are partners in crime, talk about God and the world.

Berlin Escort - Urlaubsbegleitung
High End Escortservice
Event & Business

The occasion of our journey together is of a social or business character? With me as your travel escort at your side? Opera, concerts, sporting events or much more.

I would love to be your pretty and above all sovereign escort. I feel comfortable on every social stage. Thanks to my professional background, I am not only multilingual, but also well read and educated on topics such as politics, economics, art and current affairs.


I have a wide range of general knowledge, which charmingly completes and enriches every conversation and dialogue. If you prefer explicit specialist areas in the context of a business meeting or event in my knowledge pool, I look forward to a short briefing from you so that I can read up on or prepare myself for the relevant sectors or issues.

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