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Berlin independent High Class Escort

Berlin, Berlin we are heading to Berlin...


Oh yes please, I am happy to welcome you in Berlin as your independent escort lady and to introduce you to "my" city. Not only in regards of culture, history and contemporary spirit. But above all in the culinary sense. Berlin offers absolute pleasure and a wonderful quality of life on various aspects. I would love to take you on a sensual adventure with me as your personal muse and independent escort Berlin. A journey of discoveries on the historic paths could begin with the Brandenburg Gate, the Gendarmenmarkt or the East Side Gallery.

You might be familiar with the history of the East Side Gallery?

Basically, it is a monument that still symbolises the former division of the city. Many of the original fragments of the Berlin Wall were painted with socio-critical and satirical statements in the form of artistic graffiti. The East Side Gallery is a permanent open-air gallery on the longest and still preserved section of the original Berlin Wall. It starts at Mühlenstrasse and follows the Spree River.


The Brandenburg Gate, a historical location of an era !

To the present day, the Brandenburg Gate on Pariser Platz not only symbolises the division between East and West Berlin. It is also the city's only existing town gate, which was officially completed in 1791. Due to the fall of the Wall in the most recent history, it still has an important historical symbolism with regard to reunification. 

And it has repeatedly been used as a venue for top cultural events, such as the legendary World Cup party in 2014. But also the annual New Year's Eve celebrations are an extraordinary event. You might enjoy it with me, with your Independent Escort Lady, from one of the suites in the Adlon. Maybe that would be a very sensual idea for the New Year 2023/24?







Independent escort Berlin - Escort in Berlin incall

The Gendarmenmarkt, an extraordinary cultural highlight!


Surrounded by excellent restaurants and bars, I must confess that the Gendarmenmarkt is one of my favourite places, not only because of there is a  opera house and the summer Classic Open Air. Here I like to be an independent escort and cultivated companion for the gentleman with you as a guest in one of the wonderful hotels. 


Like the Hilton or the Sofitel. As a restaurant recommendation, next to the Sofitel, I can recommend the Aigner. Not only because of its delicious chocolate cakes with a liquid core. A real pleasure.  Of course, among other delights I would like to celebrate with you as a temporary mistress. 

Or are you in the mood for absolute indulgence before we rumple the sheets and engage in our bodily pleasures. Then you should definitely get to know the seventh floor of the KADEWE.


Because the most wonderful culinary delights from all over the world await us there, in every variety of form or flavour. If you have never been there, I strongly recommend that you allow me to recommend this temple of epicurean delights to you. 


KADWE on Kurfürstendamm is not just about delicacies. 

It even has a superbly equipped lingerie floor. As your sensual escort in the Girl Friend Experience in Berlin, I'll be happy to pick out some lingerie together. Imagine me showing you some precious lingerie in the privacy of the dressing room.  Or, "Mon dieu", I invite you in to help me with the garter belt. Or with the adjustment of the stockings.



What a sensual and highly erotic imagination. Don't you agree? 


And if you feel like more from me, Louisa, the independent escort lady from Berlin, we should enjoy the newly purchased lingerie behind closed doors all to ourselves. 


If you prefer to stay in the West of the city, I recommend the Waldorf Astoria at the legendary Bahnhof Zoo. The Hotel Zoo, located at Kranzler Ecke or the naughtily sinful Hotel Provocateur in Brandenburgische Straße.


But, no matter which accommodation you choose, with me as your Berlin escort lady at your side it will be a truly extraordinary and beguiling experience.

Independent Escort Berlin -Escorts in Berlin- High Class Escort Berlin

Restaurant Delights in Berlin, recommend by Louisa Lesander, Independent Escort.   


Borchardt Berlin

Ah yes, that Borchardt, known for its original Berliner Schnitzel but of course not only primarily a place to be and also btw. Storyline Location of my little kinky blog post.  Regardless of its celebrity status, Borchardt is always a great choice in fine dining like the lobster Bisuqe or, depending on the season, the truffle pasta.


Bocca di Bacco on Friedrichstrasse

Similar to the previously mentioned location, this restaurant also enjoys great popularity. Good Italian cuisine is guaranteed there in any case.

Grill Royal

Fish and meat are the exclusive specialities here and are prepared to the highest standards of culinary art. And yes, it is also a glamorous place to be. Not at least for the view. 

The Grace

Located in the Hotel Zoo, you can expect a select range of mediterranean and international cuisine in a league of its own. An absolute recommendation from my side. 

Horváth restaurant

Original and newly interpreted Austrian cuisine, modern and innovative with charming and charming personnel. 


Tim Raue restaurant

Chic ambience in retro style with Asian-inspired, slightly upscale star cuisine. Delightfully down-to-earth despite the celebrity factor. 

Hotel recommendations


Hotel Adlon at Parisers Platz 

Time-honored and legendary with a sensational view of the Brandenburg Gate. And the best caramelized walnuts as part of the breakfast buffet. The bar is a meeting place for the international business world. Among other things, it is also home to the legendary China Club.


The Hotel Du Rome

One of the best Rocco Forte hotels in Germany. In the old premises of a former bank, swimming in the former vault room is something very special. The roof terrace is the meeting place of Berlin's haute voile in summer. Of course with a spectacular view of the "Spargel", the radio tower at Alexanderplatz. 


The Sheraton Esplanade Hotel in Berlin Tiergarten

A solid business hotel whose legendary hotel bar made history over the years, due to the best live music and best cocktails in town. Some of the suites have an integrated sauna.


The Hotel Zoo

Located directly on the Ku- damm next to the Apple Store, this boutique hotel impresses not only with its pretty and lovingly designed rooms. But primarily by its small but fine roof terrace with a view over the Kurfürstendamm. The bar is a highlight for all West Berliners, there you can get the best Tom Colins. 


The Waldorf Astoria

Located directly vis a vi the Zoo Palast and at the Zoo train station is the signature five star hotel. The suites on the top floors impress with their absolutely upscale standard. 


The Interconti Berlin 

A business hotel of high standard.  The Marlene Bar in the house is the ideal and discreet meeting place. 


The 25 Hours

A hotel, unconventional partly with hammocks in the room and view of the zoo, which lies directly behind it. Truly an experience. The bar and associated roof terrace is beautiful in any case, especially in summer.  


Hotel Provocateur

Oh yes, the name says it all. This hotel is a fine coquetry and ode to a certain exquisite plushy art deco way of life.  A small and exclusive house that is "guarded" by the most shrill doorman, which can only exist in Berlin. To call the bar only formidable would not do it justice.

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