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2023 a roaring time with independent Escort Louisa.

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

The new year and, of course, the beginning of a new decade, is special in many ways. Consequently, I would be delighted to make some extraordinary experiences this year, ideally with a lovely gentleman. Maybe with you?

In this new blog category I will mention every now and then what I really never have done before, and would very much like to experience. Or write about interesting destinations I would like to travel to and see. Maybe you also have some great proposals and we could create wonderful moments together, everlasting in our memory?!

Elite Escort and personal Muse Louisa Lesander independent Escort Berlin

So let's start:

One of the things I've never done yet is a cruise... So why not an Escort Date on the sea ?

Until now I associated therewith a kind of floating holiday club. But in the meanwhile, after having discovered fabulous themed cruises and ships that have little or nothing to do with my original mindset, I find the idea of ​​a cruise very appealing.

For example, there is the opera canal cruise from Venice to Manuta with a visit to Verdi's opera NABUCCO in the Arena di Verona. Yes, indeed! This does not only include a visit to the opera, but also fabulous gourmet highlights and visits to private wine cellars. The ship itself is, of course, not a huge steamer, but it is a highly luxurious canal ship which leaves nothing to be desired. The number of passengers is rather limited, which certainly results in quite an exclusivity. And I think it's really a very unusual and special cruise.

Travelescort and Girlfriendexperience

Then there is a tour specifically for the gourmet. The so-called gourmet cruise, for example, with travel routes through France, Alsace, or through Italy. Top chefs take care of your physical well-being and create the most wonderful menus on the ship. And, by the way, you can also see a lot more of the respective cities that the ship stops by for interesting day trips.

And yes, there also are actually pure wellness cruises, consisting not only of sporting activities such as day hikes, yoga, meditation, or sport courses, but also spa treatments, and massages. So everything for pampering body and mind, garnished with wonderful excursions, a lot of mindfulness and wonderful healthy delicacies.

Each of these rounded off with my sensual girl-friend eroticism ... does that not sound really tempting?


I also have discovered various other cruise topics, such as a crime event on board, a kind of reenactment of a crime and its investigation by the participants, similar perhaps to the well-known film "Death on the Nile" by Agatha Christie. You might take the part of Hercule Poirot, I will then be the mysterious beauty of erotic origin, who is questioned in detail by the master detective privately.

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