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The reason why don't get an answer!

Updated: Apr 13

Most of us Independent Escorts have a wonderful and informative website, the creation of which has required some time, creativity, work and of course monetary resources. The Website includes all the important information you need in order to plan or request a meeting with us. And not only in this, but in the website we have invested a lot of passion.

Many of us also have social media channels to give the gentleman interesting insights into our world apart from our website.

Ergo, you see more of us and can already get a quite accurate impression of us through our photos, texts and posts.

Independent Escort Berlin and worldwide writes about Escortlife.
We, on the other hand, don't know anything about you.

The more annoying it is when we get as a first contact no more than a "Hi" or "Available" or "how much for two hours" via Whats app. Or even emails with similar pointless content ending up in our inboxes. Although we all have a functional contact form or explicit write how we would like a detailed first contact, no matter on which channel.

But then why do we still get these kinds of banal and rude messages?

This is a question I have often asked myself. Surely there are jerks on the one hand, who find it amusing to write to an escort lady simply to see what "funny stuff" happens. A strange species, which at least for me holds the same status of the annoying mosquito.

How to write an independent Escort correctly

On the other hand, there are also gentlemen who first think nothing disrespectful about it.

In times when now almost everyone has a smartphone and Whats app and Co. installed, the inhibition barrier seems to be lower to simply text an escort. To cause a direct interaction. However, as already mentioned, this type of initial contact is rarely successful and in most cases not wanted.

Therefore, it is even more pleasing for us when a gentleman with the serious intention to meet an escort lady, send a detailed email or Whats app (depending on what is written on the corresponding escort site as the desired first contact) with all the details that we need, so that we can make an impression on the one hand. And on the other hand to be able to confirm a date if it fits. Since we know the time, the day, the place, the duration, the name and the ideas for a date, in this case.

And by idea I do not mean an explicit erotic pamphlet. Or stage direction what, at which time at erotic actions is to be "checked off", by the first e-mail.

Why is that?

Such details, of course, can be discussed in advance, however, I point out that most of us Independent Escort do this only when a date is to be considered firmly booked. Why is that? Well, just like the one-liners and hi`s mentioned at the beginning, we want to make sure that it is a real request and not someone who wants to spend his boredom with us without having a real booking intention.

So if you are wondering why a "Hi" or a one-liner by email usually doesn`t get an answer from an Independent Escort, now you know why. Polite, respectful and above all informative inquiries are always answered by us very gladly and quickly.


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