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Travel Escort Louisa Lesander - Viva la Vida in Barcelona.

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

Those who have already been to Barcelona may know that this city is not only lively and chic, it has much more to offer, such as a wonderful beach, the sea, delicious tapas, art and culture, colorful markets and a fantastic old town. And furthermore an interesting erotic museum, whose visit can be very exhilarating but nevertheless stimulating

Now imagine what a Barcelona date with me,

your independent Escort could be like.

independent Escort in Barcelona

If we travel there from different places,

I will be the first to check in at our place, probably one of the most fashionable and beautiful hotels. After check-in, I will annex one half of the wardrobe in the suite, along with drawers, to house my seductive lingerie and bikinis, summer clothes and shoes (even very high ones).

If the amount of wardrobe should surprise you, yes, an escort is prepared for everything.

Various toys will of course also find their place in the drawer after I have reassembled them. The "reassembled" is due to a funny experience during a train ride, where these cheeky things had made themselves independent for unknown reasons and buzzed into the train compartment from my small suitcase. It was probably the longest train ride I ever had, I tried to ignore these noises that were emerging from of my luggage with infernal volume and sent out some prayers, the batteries should please please give up, which of course they did not do. I guess I don't have to mention that I was probably sitting in the only large train compartment where there was silence on that day ....

That will never happen to me again.

Well, as I said, that's the story behind my ritual of "always removing the batteries from the toys when travelling"....

When everything is stored away, I rest, enjoy the imposing view through the floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows of the beach and the sea, all of which is rounded off by a huge bed in the middle of the room, facing the brilliant blue of the Mediterranean, of course, and I imagine all the things we will do together in this magnificent suite. When my phone vibrates on the little table in front of me, it's a sign that you'll soon be with me in this fascinating place and we'll soon have our eagerly awaited welcome tête-à-tête..., well, you know...

Elite Companion in Barcelona

After we have enjoyed each other in this way, it is time to do something else in the city, for example in one of the funniest highlights that can be found in Barcelona, namely the erotic museum on the Rambla. Years ago, when I had not yet immersed myself in the world of escorting, I had once discovered this shrill place and found it fascinating and stimulating at the same time.

One passes through an inconspicuous entrance that is visible only upon a second view and enters the entrance to the museum, whose rooms rather consist of a picturesque but chic and typical Spanish flat with a rather big patio at the second floor, than of a classic museum hall.

The exhibits, which document the erotic preferences as well as the toys created for this purpose since the far past of the devoted lust and eroticism, from all over the world, are exhibited there. Some are self-explanatory, with others I still do not know how and what was done with them. Perhaps you know more than I do?

The first dildo, carved out of wood, was as shapely and lifelike as a bedpost, but there are also artfully designed variants, with which people certainly had a lot of fun even then.

The first dildo, carved out of wood, was as shapely and lifelike as a bedpost, but there are also artfully designed variants, with which people certainly had a lot of fun even then. In general wooden objects seemed to please people very erotically, I am still fascinated by a chair, which had a phallic protrusion in a delicate place, which is primarily meant to slide around on it unnoticed. I imagine to have a big dress with several petticoats, to air them to take a seat on this chair and let me glide over this small protrusion, unobtrusively always to and fro .... with rosy cheeks .... the term "to lead a stimulating conversation" gets a whole new meaning.

But my personal highlight in the erotic museum are the silent movies, the first porn movies. The fact that the plot of a porn movie has in most cases also funny aspects, has probably been a common theme since the beginning of porn production.

The original porn movies had to do without sound and in most cases there were no subtitles or explanatory texts. Instead, as was probably technically impossible to realize in most films at that time, the images move quite rapidly. So the first porn movies are a wild mix of various sexual actions in funny costumes. Even though, it's quite funny to watch, especially because of the fast movement of the cinematic early days, it's also quite stimulating to imagine that we might try to re-enact it just as fast.


Overwhelmed by this visual stimulus of the erotic performances of the last centuries and touched in a stimulating way, we might decide to continue the further excursion through Barcelona, for example to the next tapas bar, of which there are actually some in the side streets that are preferably frequented by local people and not by noisy travel groups.

Travelescort and flymetoyou international

After a nice and cool vino blanco and some good tapas we continue, well it is a tourist hotspot, but one should have seen it, to the Sagrada Familia.

The history of this monumental building is already spectacular, it was designed by Gaudi and started in 1882 and is still unfinished today, however, one is in good spirits to finish the construction until 2026.

Regardless of this entertaining detail, it is always an experience to have a look at this masterpiece, the incidence of light and its play within the church is fascinating and is the outcome of masterly planning. Those who are fascinated of Gaudi's architecture style and the respective buildings will even more like to explore Barcelona, as can find them throughout the city, the houses that were designed in his style.

Of course, a visit to the Fundació Joan Miró should not be missed in Barcelona, at least by those who are interested in arts and culture.

After this little excursion into Barcelona's cultural program, it is perhaps time to do something for our distinguished pale skin, which is inevitable when you live in a big city like Berlin and not too spoiled by the sun. And such a wonderful hotel pool is something really great, isn't it? The sun is shining and we watch a little bit the vivid hustle and bustle at and in the pool, which can be quite entertaining. And philosophize about God and the world.

After this pleasant leisure intermezzo, it's time for a nice meal and cool dry wine in a lively beach restaurant with a wonderful view of the seaside. Including the postcard sunset, we enjoy light Mediterranean food and a light but characteristically tasting wine.

I am always a little bit in love with such beautiful settings, the luck to enjoy Barcelona with all my senses. This little time-out that for a moment seems almost surreal because it cannot be surpassed in perfection. You want to let time run slower in order to capture this moment as long as possible!

These are exactly the moments I love, which I long for and which I am ready to share and create as an escort, with a lot of heart and feeling for and with people who love and appreciate this as much as I do.

international Elite Companion

Drunk with joie de vivre and high spirits, we might decide to visit the hotel's hip club.

It is located on the top floor of the hotel and offers a breathtaking view over Barcelona at night. As it is the case in most of the super hip clubs, there is also the rule "outside only jugs" which means in such a club, on the best places only bottles are served. Thus, we feel induced to order a bottle of champagne, a little over the top, I know, but there is also something to celebrate, namely this wonderful day. The champagne is served with lots of tam tam in our small corner lounge, the basses are hammering, the music hits our nerve and we dance wildly.

Suddenly my eyes notice through the huge window front the beach and the light surf, which is so inviting... my thirst for adventure overcomes me and I grab you and the bottle of champagne and we move to the exit.

Giggling, we take the lift down to the lobby and under the winking gaze of the doorman we disappear into the night, directly to the beach, take off our shoes and most of our clothes and run into the surf. The waves meet our hot bodies, the water is pleasantly warm and caresses our legs, the endorphins are dancing the tango as we stand there in the middle of the sea, breathing the salty air, just happy, half naked, and with a half full bottle of champagne in our hands... somehow we manage to get into our suite without being too conspicuous and the evening has only just begun ...

"Viva la Vida en Barcelona"

Barcelona escort independent Girlfriendexperience

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