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Things brighten up again!

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

After freedom is being restored again step by step, at least the classic independent escort variant is possible without any problems at present.

But what exactly is that? And how can we make this enjoyable?

Pleasure and eroticism, being my motto, does not necessarily involve physical intimacy. In your mind a story board for a sensual togetherness is created first. So, if you look at my blog posts and photos, for example, or read my Twitter posts regularly, your mind virtually begins to think about what our time together might look like.

Let us use present times to get to know each other better.

This can be done virtually, of course. For this we have the options to Skype or phone each other. You can find more information here. Or, what is still a lot better, in persona, for example having a dinner date together or me being your travel companion.

Independent Escort Berlin Dinner Date

If you are in Berlin on a business trip, or on vacation, or even live here and if you would like to roam about the city, and rather dislike having dinner or lunch alone? If you would like to know the best and most beautiful restaurants and cafés, in the company of an attractive and eloquent lady? Or visit a museum or open air cinema? Not only drink your wine in our beautiful outdoor and roof-top bars, but also enjoy the company of an adorable escort lady?

Or if you are in the mood for a nice bike tour through the countryside and to wonderful

swimming places in my beautiful home town.

independent escort berlin

You might also be interested in a very personal city tour with interesting historical and current background information with your personal charming city guide?

And, above all, you would like to get to know me while you are here in Berlin?

Then I am your attractive solution for such desires!

We could take advantage of the option of the so-called Dinner Date, which does not necessarily have to take place during the

dinner, but also may include all the other activities mentioned above.

The mental closeness and also imagination, which are created by our

joint activities and our time together, may of course also be sensual and erotic.

Because our mind is always free ...

Girlfriend Experience Berlin

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